The history of Nossa Terra begins in 1998 with the encouragement of high productivity and high awards for quality coffees in the region. In the first years, the improved technique in handling blends, the expertise in coffee tasting and the sale of the expanding product were decisive for the company, establishing the first administrative guidelines that were accompanied by investments in technological evolution.

In 2002, in addition to the roasting service, Nossa Terra began serving exporters. Growth was adopted as a goal. Our management capacity, market knowledge, human resources, fair price, innovation and adaptation to international quality standards were preserved, forming the basis for the expansion of the enterprise, accompanied by social and environmental responsibility.

A short time has elapsed and again the need for physical expansion to meet the increased demand arises. The administrative, industrial and storage areas were expanded to enable competitiveness in such an aggressive market. Nossa Terra has become a very solid institution, able to move smoothly through the turbulent variations of the coffee trading market.

Currently, our organizational structure follows a strategic plan, where management functions are considered instruments to facilitate the achievement of established objectives, enabling an adequate distribution of resources in the pursuit of results.

In Nossa Terra, the people who really make the difference are. Our structure has a specialized team with dedicated professionals to meet the needs of each client.