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We are a company with over 20 years of experience in this activity, responsible and confident in the functions we perform, always maintaining the highest quality of our products and services.

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Coffee and


Our coffees are produced sustainably, meeting the needs of current generations without compromising future generations. In this way, we offer all quality coffee for the domestic and foreign market.

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Nossa Terra Cafés
Nossa Terra Cafés

In 2002, in addition to the roasting services, Nossa Terra began serving exporters. Growth was adopted as a goal. Our management capacity, market knowledge, human resources, fair price, innovation and adaptation to international quality standards were preserved, forming the basis for the expansion of the enterprise, accompanied by social and environmental responsibility.


Located in the city of São Sebastião da Grama, a region traditionally known for the quality of coffee production in the interior of São Paulo. With the increase in demand, the need for physical expansion arose. The administrative, industrial and storage areas were expanded to enable competitiveness in such an aggressive market. Nossa Terra has become a very solid institution, capable of peacefully passing through the turbulent variations of the coffee commercialization market.